BFI® Cares

The BFI Cares association was founded in 2019 with the belief that there is always someone next to us who needs help.

The aim of BFI® Cares is a professional commitment to human aid. Our mission is to support young residents of Gdynia who start out on a rocky path of their lives.
That is why all the initiatives taken by the employees, the management and the friends of BFI® are focused on creating a variety of opportunities that allow our wards to spread their wings.
Our association routinely cooperates with the Metropolitan Social Welfare Centre in Gdynia, supporting campaigns for children and teenagers.


this is how much we raised during the 2023 fair


families received parcels from us in 2023


gifts handed to kids in 2023


this is how much we raised during the 2022 fair


families received parcels from us in 2022


gifts handed to kids in 2022

What the campaign is about

An annual event initiated by BFI® Cares is the Destination Christmas campaign, which helps families under the care of the Foster & Ward Care team at the Metro Social Welfare Centre in Gdynia. Those in need receive food, personal hygiene products and household chemicals, while the little ones are given dream gifts from Santa Claus. The campaign is supported by the City of Gdynia.


Helping Together! Click and listen to Piotr, one of the founders of the BFI Cares association.


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How we help

Collaboration with the Metro Social Welfare Centre in Gdynia also involves the Teenage Girls’ Summer Academy and its post-summer break continuation at Uniwersytet Możliwości (University of Opportunities). The idea behind both projects is to create new development opportunities based on education driven by the passion for sports and arts.

The aid from BFI® Cares is also addressed to schools. The Destination School initiative facilitates equipping computer labs with the necessary high-tech equipment to take the first step towards equity in educational opportunities for children in small towns and cities.

With the desire to help, the BFI® Cares association responds to needs by organising targeted campaigns ad-hoc.

We strongly encourage a two-way action of fundraising among corporate employees and support for our campaign by employers.

Contributions can be made to the association’s account, which will allocate the funds for this campaign.


“It is remarkable that together we create more than just a festive atmosphere. Your presence and support help us to continue our mission to provide aid to children in some of life’s most difficult situations."

Piotr Ostromęcki

Founder of the BFI Cares association

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