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Real development, satisfactory salary, relaxed atmosphere, comfortable office in the heart of Gdynia – at BFi we have it all! 

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We deliver experience, knowledge and positive energy, every single day!

The best specialists in domestic and international road transport, taking care of every kilometre on the way to the destination. An unrivalled administration that keeps its finger on the pulse. Experienced accounting that can always be relied upon. Sales champions and professionals in their field. In a nutshell: the BFI team.


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You feeling good is our priority!

We believe that a company grows when its people grow. In order for our team to grow stronger, we also prioritise… the vibe!

At BFI, you can feel support and opportunities – you simply feel good.

See what life is like every day at BFI.
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  • You have a cargo to be delivered, we have a dedicated fleet to reach the destination.

    Full truck loads on pallets and in bulk, container carriage, or ADR transport? These are our speciality. We have the state-of-the-art equipment, technology and expertise to handle your order back to back.

  • Safety – experience – on-time performance

    We take care of every transport – from the first kilometre to the last. We have built our robust market position through long-term cooperation with our business partners.

Piotr Ostromęcki

CEO & Co-Founder

Łukasz Perkowski

CEO & Co-Founder


More than a workplace

At BFI, you can spread your wings and rise to the heights of logistics with a capital L!

Wide horizons ahead – are you coming? ✈️

Professional growth
Comfortable office
Celebration and leisure time
Sport and health
  • Training and workshops

  • BFI Academy – the e-learning platform

  • Job induction mentor’s guidance

  • Funding of select training courses

  • A community of knowledge-sharing professionals

  • Location in the heart of Gdynia, close to the Redłowo SKM railway station

  • Standing desks

  • Air-conditioned rooms

  • Referral rewards

  • A pet-friendly venue

  • Children welcome

  • Good music

  • Great coffee

  • Fresh fruits

  • Membership in the BFI CARES Foundation

  • Interest-free loan fund

  • Company garment

  • Birthday cake

  • Team anniversaries

  • Company anniversaries - souvenirs

  • Halloween

  • Christmas party

  • Shared lunches

  • Multisport gym membership card

  • Private medical care

  • Group insurance

Come and see our office!

Meet the people who take care of your growth!


“From my first experience with the company, I felt it was a dynamic environment that was open to growth and friendly relationships.”

“I saw some BFI Talks on YouTube and… sent in my training proposal. I was impressed by the approach to the trainer selection process, where it was not just the opinion of Magda from HR that mattered, it was the opinion of the whole team too, about who they would like best to lead the training, considering the professionalism, energy level and attitude of the trainer😉
Having worked together for almost a year, and we continue our business together, I am delighted by the coordinators
and leaders pursuing the balance of performance versus relationships and efficiency versus quality. The values close to my heart, commitment, responsibility and results, are expressed by them not only during the development sessions but also in their daily work with their teams. What is more, BFI is a trusted and reliable business partner who gives a lot of leeway at work.”

Katarzyna Kaźmierczak

Psychologist, coach & trainer


“In a business environment, I have a solid overview of the organisational cultures in domestic companies. That BFI has a spot on this map never ceases to amaze me!”

“I met my first workshop students at BFI a year and a half ago; in the meantime, more people have joined the classes, both in the group and the one on one format. Currently I have the pleasure of working
with more than a dozen students in our language workshops – from forwarders to team coordinators to BFI Management members.
What makes the BFI team special is their extraordinary yet natural outgoing nature, friendliness, optimism
and the emotional intelligence of each of my colleagues. Honestly, as a teacher of advanced English, I have an easier task at BFI because each workshop student knows exactly what they want to achieve, and why.
A dream job, BFI! Thank you – you can get it done!”

Piotr Gliwiński

English language teacher

Current job openings

Could not find an offer that you like?

Never worry! Get in touch with Magda, our HR specialist, or leave us your contact details using the contact form. We will get back to you!

Magdalena Małecka

HR Specialist

Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How many years has BFI been operating in the TSL market?

    BFI was established in 2011 in Gdynia. We are the fastest growing company in the transport, forwarding and logistics sector across Pomorskie. We make no stops on the road to growth – we look for opportunities to establish our branches throughout Poland.

  • 2. How many people are in the BFI team?

    The BFI team is our greatest pride! It is now made up of a close-knit and committed team of 90 people who feature 101% performance and, more importantly, enjoy working together.

  • 3. How does the recruitment process work?

    Each recruitment process begins with an analysis of the applications received.
    If we are interested in your experience and strengths as an applicant, we give you a call and invite you to a first interview, and it is always over a cup of good coffee! During our first interview online or in our office, we exchange our experiences and talk about the plans we may have in common.
    If we hit it off, the second interview focuses on the terms and conditions of your work with us, and concrete expectations. Immediately afterwards, we ask you for a moment of patience so that we can present a final decision. If everything goes well, we then welcome you to our team.

  • 4. Is online recruitment possible?

    The first interview is usually online. For the second interview, we invite you to our office – this helps us to get to know you better and give you a feel of the climate and working conditions within our team.

  • 5. Can I work from home with a job at BFI?

    Each employee can work remotely for 3 days a month.

  • 6. Can I apply for a job at BFI with a different skill set or expertise in handling other transport types than those listed in the BFI portfolio?

    Of course! Fill in the application form and share your strengths by clicking JOIN US (in the top right corner of this page). We are open to new talent, so if there is chemistry, we will contact you!

  • 7. What are the opportunities for growth at BFI?

    At BFI, we know that your growth gives real job satisfaction and is key to the progress of the whole organisation. That is why we create the best prospects for you from the moment you check in on board.
    When it comes to us, you can count on:

    • processing your onboarding and mentor support during your job induction;
    • training, workshops and courses;
    • access to the BFI Academy, our internal e-learning platform;
    • job promotions;
    • growth within another department;
    • the opportunity to make your own ideas a reality.
  • 8. How does the job induction look like when I start work?

    We focus on worthwhile job induction and onboarding for each new hire at BFI. It is very important that every new person in the team feels comfortable from the very first day of work and that they settle in quickly.
    During job onboarding we share our values, mission, vision and work culture, etc. We discuss the history of the company, our services, introduce the different teams as well as our tools and principles of communication.
    During job induction and the initial period of employment, support is provided by a personal mentor who can answer any questions that may arise along the way, assist by providing facts and substance, and ensure integration with the entire company team.