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      Flexible working arrangements

      2/1, 3/1, or another arrangement? We are flexible and happy to accommodate your preferences!

      All forms of employment

      As part of our B2B cooperation, we provide accounting services and offer assistance in setting up your business.

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Sebastian Kostrzewa

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Domestic and international transport

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Walking floors

Walking floor transport

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Express deliveries up to 3.5 tons

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Why become a BFI driver?

  • Employment contract or sole proprietorship

  • All our vehicles are routinely checked by our transport team specialists

  • Timely payment of wages

  • The forwarders take care of your efficient use of time and R&R.

  • Corporate and work garment

  • Interest-free corporate loan fund

  • Effective route planning

  • Fuel cards

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    Questions and answers

    Frequently asked questions

    • 1. Will I receive a work garment?

      Sure! You will be provided with a basic health and safety gear at the start of work: work boots, a hard hat, a HVV, and work gloves. After the probation you will also receive the full company set of clothes, including a coat, a pair of trousers, a cap, and T-shirts.

    • 2. Does a driver have an assigned vehicle?

      Yes! You may have a vehicle reassigned only in an emergency. Should there be an emergency, we will keep you fully covered; we are a team, after all!

    • 3. Does the driver have an assigned freight forwarder/manager?

      That’s right! We work when you do. Your forwarder/manager is available for you even at night – if your cargo (we mean our cargo, of course!) requires it!

    • 4. Does BFI reimburse commuting expenses?

      We set up commutes to your vehicle if it is not at our yard. You will pay the cost to commute to Gdynia.

    • 5. Does BFI employ dual driver staffing?

      Our work does not require dual driver staffing. Dual driver staffing is practiced only during job induction for novice drivers.

    • 6. What day do I get paid?

      Salaries are paid by the 10th of the next month.

    • 7. Where can I leave my personal car when I arrive for work?

      We provide a parking space for your car at our yard.

    • 8. Does BFI provide company navigation units?

      Sure! Each vehicle features a dedicated truck navigation system.

    • 9. Does BFI pay for car parking?

      Yes, whenever a paid parking lot needs to be used by our decision. Whenever possible, we use free parking.