We deliver results

with full engagement and responsibility. Always on time.

You’ve got the cargo?

We know how to move it.

FTLFull Truck Load (cargo fills up whole truck)
LTLLess Than Truck (groupage load, cargo does not fill up whole truck)
FCLFull Container Load (full container shipment)

We are looking for


Known brand and knowledge

Together, we build our business effectively.

Faster payments

We guarantee faster payments to our regular associate

Freight Forwarder Patron

Individual care and constant availability

Constant partnership terms

Partnership based on cooperation agreement


We adjust our fleet to your own needs

Dedicated trailers

Possibility of dedication our company’s trailer to your truck

Are you a carrier? Do you want to join our contracted fleet?
Contact us and check the conditions of partnership.

You can see our trucks all over
the Europe

We’re ready for your order
7 days a week.

Safety. Punctuality. Involvement. Flexibility. Experience. Competitiveness. That’s something about us at the beginning. Now we can discuss our partnership terms.

You can sleep tight.
We’re looking after your cargo.

Carriers providing high quality service have a key meaning for BFI. We established our position in the market thanks to long-term cooperation with our contractors.In our contracted fleet, we have more than 100 specialized trucks waiting for your order.

Have you know?


It is said…

That we’re the fastest growing company with such
good prices on the market.


We are strong…

In full load truck (palletized and non palletized),
container and ADR transport.


We deliver…

Every order, because we have proper equipment,
technology and knowledge.


Our team…

Waits for your transport orders 24/7. Whole week long.
You can sleep tight. We take care of your cargo.

Our achievements

and certifications.


We’ve got GMP+ Certificate. Quality of service is always our priority.

Veterinary and health Certificate

We’ve got veterinary permit to transport animal and plant origin products.

Waste transport

We’ve received permission for waste transport. Now you can find us in BDO register.

Master of Business Administration

Congratulations to Piotr Ostromecki – our CBDO & Co-Founder – for another success in education. Is it time for PhD yet?

Cargoschool course

Quite an experience we had! Another sessions are coming up and we’re looking forward to ,,train our brain” with an expert.

Say Hello!

BFI Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K.
al. Zwycięstwa 173
81-521 Gdynia, Polska

NIP: 5862323399
Regon: 368414044

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